At Bluegrass, we offer a variety of behavioral health and developmental assessments. These assessments aid in developing individualized behavior interventions and skill-based learning targets.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is the science of learning and behavior, focused on helping individuals achieve a greater level of happiness, success, and independence. We use evidence-based practices to help our clients meet socially-significant goals.

Mental Health Counseling

As solution-focused therapists, our goal is to help you conquer the past, improve the present, and thrive in the future. We offer a structured approach designed to help individuals overcome challenging situations and take back control of their lives.

Core Values


We believe that people and relationships are the most important thing. We believe that human dignity is inherent to individuals and all people deserve respect.


We strive to provide only the highest quality services utilizing best practices and evidence-based practices. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our service delivery.


We believe that open communication and strategic partnerships can benefit the families of KY. We will continue to build relationships with the people, families, and communities that we serve. We welcome strategic business partnerships.


We operate under strict professional and ethical standards. We will work in the best interests of the individuals and families that we serve.


We want to see our families and individuals achieve success. Your goals are truly our goals as well.

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